Alhamdulillah kita sudah sampai ke penhujung Ramadhan yang mana di hujungnya adalah penghindaran diri dari siksa api neraka. Penghujung yang mana semua berkejar-kejar dan berlumba-lumba untuk melakukan ibadah kepada yang Allah S.W.T, termasuk jugalah dalam bersedekah juga memberi makan kepada orang yang berpuasa.

Ma Shaa Allah, banyak pahalanya memberi makan kepada orang yang berpuasa kerana memdapat pahala puasa orang-orang yang puasa. 

Antara petua dalam adab makan adalah dengan membaca doa makan sebelum dan selepas makan. Selain itu, sebagai tanda penghargaan kepada orang yang mengendalikan jamuan berbuka atau makan. Doa ini boleh dibaca bagi mengiringi doa sebelum makan dan boleh juga dibaca bersama doa selepas makan.

Begitulah yang diamalkan oleh Rasulullah S.A.W dengan cukup prihatin dalam perkara-perkara yang melibatkan hak orang lain dan hubungan kemasyarakan.

#AKTAgama #Adakahkamutahu  

LANCASHIRE - BRITAIN, a man was shocked when told by doctors that he had a uterus; which means he is also capable of getting pregnant as other women.

Telegraph.co.uk reports from yesterday, reported the discovery of a doctor when the man was undergoing MRI exams to detect the source of bleeding is found in the urine content.

The results of an MRI scan revealed the discovery of the female reproductive organs that could potentially lead to pregnancy, menopause and PMT (premenstrual).

The 37-year-old man believed to have Mullerian duct syndrome (PMDS) which concerned syndrome sufferers have male and female reproductive organs at one time.

"It is a very rare case. The patient is now placed under the custody and will be operated to remove the female reproductive organs found in his body, "he said as quoted by the report.

According to doctors, the blood of which there are reliable urine and menstrual blood.

At least 120 babies is born with sindorm every year in Britain and it is also reported to occur in animals such as dogs.

Men shocked

SQUAD Under 22 Years countries (Young Tigers) won the Championship Cup Soccer Stadium in 2015 after beating Bangladesh 3-2 in the final action at Bangabandhu National Stadium, Dhaka, today.

The victory was awarded to Brazil after winning the first edition in 1996 through a 2-1 win over the club from Indonesia, PSM Makassar.

In today's action, team captain Nazirul Naim Che Hashim Team puts the country ahead on 31 minutes through a beautiful free kick in a match televised live by a pay television.

Forward, S. Kumaahran network doubling the national team in the 40th minute after easily push the ball through the sending of his teammates.

Connecting the second half, the home team changing pace of the game with more attack and managed to reduce the deficit network Jahid Hasan Ameli with a header in the 48th minute.

Six minutes later, Bangladesh equalized through Yeasin Khan who headed the ball from a corner by skipper Mohd Mamunul Islam.

Mohd Faizat Ghazl, however, emerged the hero when the national squad headed in the winning goal, from a corner usopwilche Andik Muhammad Mohd Ishak in injury time, to seal the squad operations Razip Ismail owned it.

Razip tournament is preparation for facing the Singapore League 2015, early next month apart Cup qualifier in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Under-23 World Cup 2016, from 27 to 31 March.

Malaysia and Bangladesh, also join Bangabandhu Gold Cup joined Thailand, Bahrain, Sri Lanka and Singapore

More than 3,000 cheering supporters contend and play without pressure are the two critical success factors Malaysia beat Thailand to win the men's category Sepak Takraw Championship astaf Malaysia Super Series 2015.

Farhan said team leader Adam cheering supporters contend instill viscous not want to succumb to the player Malaysia and status as a team, not a real option to reduce the burden of the national team against the defending champion, Thailand.

"We played very well throughout the tournament, but I think we can not play as good as this without the support of fans who never tired of shouting words of encouragement to us," said Farhan told reporters at the Melaka International Trade Centre here, today.

At the end of the match, Malaysia beat Thailand 2-0 in their traditional enemies (21-7 and 21-19) in a fight almost an hour to give the first championship in the tournament that began in 2011.

Malaysia excellence is evident when he won all five matches in the tournament with a straight sets.

"All the players played very well today as well during the tournament, but Thailand seems a little afraid to do Syahir swift service and they also failed to hold a neat flip Khairol," he said.

Malaysia Win Over Thailand