Cheering supporters of the cause of win with Thailand

More than 3,000 cheering supporters contend and play without pressure are the two critical success factors Malaysia beat Thailand to win the men's category Sepak Takraw Championship astaf Malaysia Super Series 2015.

Farhan said team leader Adam cheering supporters contend instill viscous not want to succumb to the player Malaysia and status as a team, not a real option to reduce the burden of the national team against the defending champion, Thailand.

"We played very well throughout the tournament, but I think we can not play as good as this without the support of fans who never tired of shouting words of encouragement to us," said Farhan told reporters at the Melaka International Trade Centre here, today.

At the end of the match, Malaysia beat Thailand 2-0 in their traditional enemies (21-7 and 21-19) in a fight almost an hour to give the first championship in the tournament that began in 2011.

Malaysia excellence is evident when he won all five matches in the tournament with a straight sets.

"All the players played very well today as well during the tournament, but Thailand seems a little afraid to do Syahir swift service and they also failed to hold a neat flip Khairol," he said.

Malaysia Win Over Thailand


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