Men shocked confirmed to be pregnant

LANCASHIRE - BRITAIN, a man was shocked when told by doctors that he had a uterus; which means he is also capable of getting pregnant as other women.

Telegraph.co.uk reports from yesterday, reported the discovery of a doctor when the man was undergoing MRI exams to detect the source of bleeding is found in the urine content.

The results of an MRI scan revealed the discovery of the female reproductive organs that could potentially lead to pregnancy, menopause and PMT (premenstrual).

The 37-year-old man believed to have Mullerian duct syndrome (PMDS) which concerned syndrome sufferers have male and female reproductive organs at one time.

"It is a very rare case. The patient is now placed under the custody and will be operated to remove the female reproductive organs found in his body, "he said as quoted by the report.

According to doctors, the blood of which there are reliable urine and menstrual blood.

At least 120 babies is born with sindorm every year in Britain and it is also reported to occur in animals such as dogs.

Men shocked


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